3. Internal Management

Follow the instruction below and learn how to manage your business internally.

Managing Customers

See how to sync, and manage your customers in customers tab.

  • A) Manage individual customers

    Customers tab shows the name of customers, their email addresses, as well as the order counts and total money spent.

  • B) Sync new customers

    By clicking Sync New Customers button, You will be able to sync all new customer data to the app so you can track and manage customers easily.

  • C) View customers

    Click "View" button will allow you to see individual customer's information such as their name, contact information and order history.

Managing your wallet

You can visually track your history and wallet status. You can also add funds so you don't over spend.

  • A) Manage and track your spendings

    Available balance, Pending transactions, transferred transactions, and total spent amount will show in key indicators at the top.

  • B) Adding funds

    You can also add funds in your wallet tab by clicking "Top-up with PaySafe" button. The funds will be transffered to your wallet in a short period of time.

  • * You can also pay with your credit card each time you make a purchase. However, adding funds could help tracking your total spending.


Don't miss import messages anymore.

  • A) Don't miss updates

    Don't get behind, check your notifications by clicking the bell icon located at the top of the screen or simply go to Notifications tab.

  • This is where you can check your log history seperated by events. Clicking individual logs will guide you to the page where it shows all the details.

What's next?

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  • 1. Getting Started

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    Guide you to sync product to your store, how to edit and manage items.

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  • 4. Extra Features

    See what else you can do with the application.

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