Most frequently asked questions about our products

You can find the most frequently asked questions about our product here. If you have further questions regarding our products, please contact us.

  • 1. I can't add items to import list

    If the product is out of stock, You can’t add it to import list. Please contact us for most updated availability.

  • 2. I want to purchase out of stock product. When it will be back?

    We usually restock the product as soon as possible. However, some product(s) may not be back in stock due to its shortage.

  • 3. Are you sellling the same product(s) from the photo?

    Yes, it is WYSWYG. However, due to its photo studio light and circumstance, color can be different than photos. Also most of glass products are hand blown, there is a minor variance on shape, color, pattern, and size.

  • 4. Do you have a warranty for products?

    All glass products does not come with the warranty because it is fragile.

  • 5. How often do you get new products?

    Our team always looking to get new products everyday and every week. We are updating the site and send you a newsletter to inform new arrivals.

  • 6. I'm looking for a specific product. Can you get it for me?

    Yes, please contact us by email with product(s) information so we can try to get it from the market.

More questions & answers

What's included in Monthly fee?

The monthly fee of USD $19 covers unlimited product import, Real-time product sync, unlimited fulfillment and customer care.

How long would it take for my customer to get the item?

Ground shipping takes about 4-10 business days after dispatched. If your customer is located in Greater Toronto Area or near, delivery can be faster.

What should I do if my customer received a damaged item(s)?

If your customer have received damaged item(s), Please inform your customer to retain all shipping cartons and packing materials and you contact us immediately. This is necessary because when we file a damage claim with the shipper, They might need to collect the merchandises and packages for inspection. As soon as we are notified by the shipper whether if they wish to inspect the package or not we will let your customer know. If so, they will make arrangements with your customer directly to pick up the package(s). As soon as the claim is accepted by the shipper (in most cases this is within 72 hours), we will ship out your customer's replacement items.

How can I calculate the profit?

The original price of the product, The retail price, and the shipping fees are written on each product card. The original price plus the shipping subtract by the retail price will be your profit.

How do I change the retail price?

Select and import the item you want to sell. Once imported, go to Import List and find the product. You can change the retail price in Variants tab.

How does shipping calculates when there is more than one item?

Shipping fee covers the handling and processing fees. However, If you would like to buy more than one item, the duplicated shipping fee will be deducted automatically.

Do I have to add funds in advance?

No, you don't have to. You can also pay with your credit card each time you make a purchase. However, adding funds can help tracking your total spending.

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